Heroic Youth 2021 Event FAQs

Heroic Youth 2021 Event FAQs

2021 Summit Year FAQs

For All the Hero Quest 2021 details, CLICK HERE
For All the Summit 2021 details, CLICK HERE.

Q: What is the plan for this year?

A: This year will be as exciting as we can possibly make it!  We have learned a great deal about how to build an event with both Virtual and Physical events throughout the year.  We are planning a normal Hero Quest and Summit year, with some of the great parts we discovered last year.

For Youth Leaders, like last year, simulation/story-line will go throughout the summer! Youth will be sorted into groups (Houses). Each House will be led by a Master Knight and Princess (experienced youth leaders), as well as adult mentors who will support them and guide them throughout their experience. Youth will learn about our theme, Virtue, in a very fun way. It’s even possible to involve younger siblings in their experiences.

Unlike last year, we fully plan to have our Summit event for 8-12 year-olds, as well as our normal Hero Quest event.  We will also have Training events for Youth Leaders, Adult Volunteers, and Villains throughout the summer to prepare for both of these events. See our Events page for training dates. 

 Q: What exactly is Summit and Hero Quest?

A: Hero Quest is a one-day leadership simulation day camp for Youth 12-19 years old. Summit is a two-day simulation day camp for 8-12 year-olds led by the Hero Quest Youth Leaders. See our Summit and Hero Quest pages to learn more.

Q: When and where is Hero Quest and Summit 2021?

A: Hero Quest is Aug 26, 2021
Summit is Aug 27-28, 2021
American Fork Amphitheater, 851 East 700 North, American Fork, UT 84003

Q: What is the cost for Hero Quest participants and how do they register?

Registration for Hero Quest is now closed. But don’t despair! Youth who wish to participate in this year’s events can still do so by playing the role of villains in our final battle. Being a villain is a fulfilling and engaging way to participate! See our Join the Final Battle page to register to be a villain. Contact us to get on our email list to hear when Youth Leader registration opens next year (usually in March)!

Q: What is the cost for Summit participants and how do they register?

A: Summit registration is closed. Contact us to get on our email list to hear when registration opens next year (usually in May)!

What will the registration fee be used for?

A: Heroic Youth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All income received goes directly to the Heroic Youth programs. Specifically, we use these funds for administrative purposes (websites, equipment, storage, insurance) and paying for materials that go directly to the youth. Heroic Youth is a 100% volunteer organization so you can trust that your registration fees are going directly to benefit you and the other participants. The registration fee will be used to cover operational expenses and materials provided to the youth for the program experience (T-shirts, trading cards, simulation artifacts, mail costs, Everyday Warrior Journey materials, and awards). It also covers foam weapons and equipment/facilities costs for the final event at the American Fork Amphitheater, as well as any costs needed for the awards ceremony that ends the years events.

Q: Does a child need to be a member of one of the Heroic Youth Clubs to participate in Summit?

A: No! Any 8-12 year-old child can participate in Summit. 


Q: Will we still have all of the same youth leader positions?

A: You can expect that the same youth leadership structure we have used in the past will be present this year. There will be necessary adjustments based on the number of youth registering, but all the basic positions will still be represented. For more information for Youth Leaders, see our Hero Quest page and Youth Leader Roles page. 

Q: What day will Youth Leader assignments be made?

A: Youth can expect to receive their assignments on May 8th.

Q: Will the Youth Leaders participate in Everyday Warrior Journey?

A: Youth leaders will participate in Every Day Warrior Journey (EWJ), a personal mastery program where goals are created and accomplished, a little at a time. Tools and resources will be provided at the beginning and along the way.

Q: Will there still be House gatherings?

A: Each youth will be placed in a House with a Master Knight or Princess at the lead, with many other supporting Youth Leader roles. It is expected that the Master Knights and Princesses over each House will lead their House using a number of tools. Both Zoom meetings and in-person meetings will be encouraged as a way for the House to coordinate their efforts, share their successes, and encourage each other throughout the summer. 

Q: Are we still doing trading cards?

A: Yes. We will provide Master Knight and Princess Trading cards to the registered Youth Leaders, as well as young knights and handmaidens.

Q: Will there still be a debrief event?

A: Yes! See the Events page for dates. 


Q: Will there still be options for adult volunteers this year?

A: Yes! Find out more on our Adult Volunteers page!

Q: Will there be opportunities for villains this year? 

A: Yes!  We need our  adult and youth villains more than ever this year! Find out more on our Join the Final Battle page.