Financial Policies

HY Youth Scholarship Policy

NOTE: Youth Interviews for 2020 have been completed and assignments have been made. Additional requests for refunds will be offered according to the regular schedule posted here.

Scholarships are given based on financial need and meeting a few simple requirements. A deadline for applications will be determined by the Scholarship Committee. These scholarships are for youth and child attendees. To qualify for a full or partial scholarship an applicant or their guardian must submit a paper with the following:

  • Why the applicant wants to participate in Heroic Youth
  • What the applicant is able to contribute financially towards applicants registration fee
  • A short summary of the applicant's financial situation that creates this need

A Scholarship Committee will be created to review applications and determine disbursement of scholarship funds.

Early Bird Discount Policy

Early Bird Discount is for child attendees only and are limited to the quantity and the time limit approved by the board.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unforeseen things come up and cancellations are sometimes necessary.

Youth Leader Registration

Refunds are offered on the following schedule:

Youth interviewed but not offered a Youth Leader position will receive a full refund.

Refunds requested on or before May 15 will be charged a $10 administration fee for each refunded registration.

May 16- June 15, half price refund.

After June 15, no refund.

Because we require an interview process, registration for Youth Leaders is not transferable.

Attendee Registration

Refunds are offered on the following schedule:

On or before May 31 we charge a $10 administration fee for each refunded registration.

June 1- July 31, half price refund

After July 31, no refund

Tickets for Attendees are non-transferable. We often have a waiting list.

2020 Payment due dates

  • Registration for Youth Leaders opens on February 15 and closes March 15.
  • Registration for Attendees opens April 15 and closes July 15. Early Bird Registration is available until May 15.
  • Payment for the Master Knight and Princess add-on is due by May 15.

Payment plans

Payment plan option are available in a 2 or 3 payment breakout but must be complete by July 31 for attendees and May 15 for Youth Leaders. Early Bird registration does not have a payment plan option.

Payment plans are available with an extra fee of 8% to cover processing.

Because Master Knights and Princesses participate in additional trainings, they are required to pay an additional $30. This portion of their registration does not have the option of a payment plan.

What do the funds go towards?

Heroic Youth is a 501c3 non-profit business. The registration funds go towards supplies, equipment, venues and other costs that support our events and activities.