The Five Commitments of Heroic Youth

Commitment is an act, not a word.

Participation in Youth Leadership and Volunteering is dependent upon your follow-through to the following Five Commitments at all Heroic Youth events. 

#1 - Code of Conduct

I commit to treat myself, others, and property with respect. I obey Youth Protection rules by following the “rule of three” and “line of sight” guidelines. I speak with respectful language. I do not engage in public displays of affection other than friendly hugs. I take care of the costumes, props, equipment, and facilities I use. I understand that I can be asked to leave if I do not follow these guidelines. 

#2 - Dress and Grooming

I commit to dress modestly, allowing my actions and character to be the main focus. These guidelines include:

  • Shorts or skirts must be modest in length
  • Tops have sleeves
  • Modest necklines
  • Shirts cover midriff 
  • No images on clothing that are graphic, degrading, or profane. 
  • Close-toed shoes
  • Hair in naturally occurring colors (blond, brunette, auburn, etc.; not blue, purple, green, etc.)
  • For main events -  I will wear appropriate costumes as described for my individual role.  In addition, all male youth will be clean-shaven with a tidy haircut.

 I understand that I can be asked to leave if I do not follow these guidelines.

#3 - Communication

I commit to being responsible for knowing what is happening and required for my role. I therefore will check my Heroic Youth communications regularly and respond as required. I understand that communication is vital in fulfilling my role.

#4 - Everyday Warrior Journey (Youth)

I commit to engage in EWJ to the best of my ability by journaling, reporting weekly, reading the EWJ emails, sharing victories, and turning in my Journey Report. I don't have to be perfect at any of these, but I know that EWJ is a vital and integral part of my Heroic Youth experience.

#5 - Trainings and Engagement

I commit to attending my house meetings (Youth) and trainings and to being actively engaged in my role throughout all events. I will apply the Hero's Creed to my participation to be the best I can be.  I understand that I can be asked to leave if I do not follow these guidelines.