Hero Quest

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If you missed our registration this year, we always need villains to provide opposition in our simulations.  Volunteer as a Youth Villain here!

What is Hero Quest:

Hero Quest is the first day of a three-day medieval simulation day camp for youth ages 12-18 (must be at least 12 years old and no older than 18 by Jan 1st of the current year).  The Youth Leaders of Hero Quest train through the summer by attending trainings and participating in Everyday Warrior Journey (EWJ), a personal mastery program where goals are created and accomplished, a little at a time.  This training prepares the Youth Leaders for their one-day youth-only simulation and to lead 8-12 year-olds through their two-day simulation called Summit.  Hero Quest emphasizes team building and personal development. Each Hero Quest participant plays a role in the medieval nations of Terra Libre and Christathel, where they learn to use their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to solve problems together as they face adversity from the villains of the Shadowlands and Geldt.  The event culminates in an epic Final Battle (with foam swords and arrows), followed by a ceremonial celebration. 

When and Where is Hero Quest:

Hero Quest: Thursday, August 24, 2023
Summit: Friday and Saturday, August 25-26, 2023
American Fork Amphitheater, 851 East 700 North, American Fork, UT 84003


Youth Leader Registration for Hero Quest 2023 opens Saturday, February 4, 2023 and closes when full or February 27, 2023, whichever comes first.  Register early as we only have a set number of Youth Leader positions to fill.

If youth would like to participate, but not as a Youth Leader or registration has closed, don’t despair!  Youth who wish to participate in this year’s events can still do so by playing the role of villains in our final battle.  Being a villain is a fulfilling and engaging way to participate!  See our Join the Final Battle page to register to be a villain.  Contact us to get on our email list to hear when Youth Leader registration opens next year!  (Usually in February or March.)

Things to know about being a Youth Leader:

  • To apply to be a youth leader, each youth commits to the Five Commitments, pays a participation fee*, and submits an essay on the year's theme (this year our theme is Commitment.
  • Each youth will be placed in a House with a Master Knight or Princess at the lead, with many other supporting Youth Leader roles from Terra Libre and Christathel joining together. It is expected that the Master Knights and Princesses over each House will lead their House using a number of tools. Both Zoom meetings and in-person meetings will be encouraged as a way for the House to coordinate their efforts, share their successes, and encourage each other throughout the summer.
  • Youth will attend three in-person “House Meetings” and various trainings throughout the summer. (Check our Events Calendar for dates, and be prepared to mention conflicts in Youth Leader interviews).
  • Youth will be assigned a role, based on a number of factors (including age, experience, and availability, just to name a few). Youth should be prepared to discuss in their interview which role they are interested in. See our Youth Leader Roles page for more information.
  • So youth can be assigned a role that is best for them, each youth is interviewed (via Zoom) by the Royalty and the Crown Princess or Royal Master Knight, respectively.  
  • Role and Noble "House" assignments will be announced on April 14th.

* Please note, if you are assigned to be a Master Knight or Princess, there is an additional fee to cover additional trainings and supplies.

Hero Quest/Summit Attire:

Dress for variable weather conditions and activity.  Youth will dress according to their role.  See the Youth Leader Roles page for individual position guidelines.


Participants bring their own lunch and water bottle. Bring PLENTY of food.  Youth will be active and get HUNGRY.  We provide water stations for refilling water bottles. 

Hero Quest Youth Leaders

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