Everyday Warrior Journey

Reporting Form

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    • Each day say to yourself  “I am God’s child. I am a Warrior for Christ.” Remember who you are.
    • Put on the Armor of God by doing those things that will strengthen you spiritually. You are prepared for battle.
    • Take every opportunity you can to live the Hero’s Creed. You are fighting the battle. 
    • At the end of the day get out your journal.
    • Ask yourself “As a warrior for Christ am I prepared for battle?” Write about it in your journal.
    • Ask yourself “How did I live the Hero’s Creed today?” Write about it in your journal.
    • The reporting week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.
    • At the end of each week submit a report about your experiences.



    • Select your nation: Terra Libre for boys, Christathel for girls
    • Select your Noble House
    • Select your Name
    • For the first question, “How well did you put on the Armor of God this week?” Select an answer.
    • For the next question, “How did you prepare for battle? Share an experience you had putting on the Armor of God.
    • For the next question,  “How well did you live the Hero’s Creed this week?” Select an answer.
    • For the last question, “How did you fight the battle this week?” Share a victory that you had living the Hero’s Creed.
    • If you need anything, put in in the last section labeled "Help I Need".
    • Click Submit. This will send your report to your Master Knight or Princess (or whoever you report to) and to your House Mentors.