Heroic Youth Summit

Hero Quest Summit Participants

What is Summit:

Summit is a two-day medieval simulation-style day camp for 8-12 year-olds. Led by the trained Youth Leaders of Hero Quest and staffed by Adult Volunteers, Summit allows children to become Knights and Maidens in the medieval nations of Christathel (for girls) and Terra Libre (for boys), where they learn to use their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to solve problems together as they face adversity from the villains of the Shadowlands and Geldt. The event culminates in an epic Final Battle (with foam swords and arrows), followed by a ceremonial celebration. Summit participants do not need to be enrolled in our Crowned with Virtue or Mastering Knighthood clubs to participate.  As our event is completely staffed by volunteers, we ask that each attendee provide at least one adult volunteer to help with the event, either in the important Final Battle as a villain, or before or throughout the event as a staff volunteer. To find out more see our Volunteer page or our Join the Final Battle page.

When and Where is Summit 2024:

Friday and Saturday, August 23-24, 2024 - check-in time 9:30am
American Fork Amphitheater, 851 East 700 North, American Fork, UT 84003


Registration opens on May 1st.  Register early.  We WILL fill up!

Price: $109 per participant

Things to know:

Attire: Keep in mind there can be variable weather conditions and participants will be engaged in active play.

Girls: Dresses or shirts with skirts, sensible and comfortable closed-toe shoes.  There shouldn't be any long trains, huge, trailing sleeves, or hoops in the skirt.  Sashes will be provided for attendee use during the event only.  Dress in layers for variable weather conditions.

Boys: T-shirts and comfortable pants or shorts, sensible and comfortable closed-toe shoes.  Tabards will be provided for attendee use during the event only.  Dress in layers for variable weather conditions.

Food/Hydration: Participants need to bring their own lunch and water bottle.  Parents, please send PLENTY of food with your child.  They are active and get HUNGRY.  We provide water stations for refilling water bottles.

 Kids playing at Summit

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