Age Policy

Youth Leaders

Youth can apply for and be assigned to Youth Leadership positions so long as they are a minimum of 12* years old and a maximum of 18 years old on Jan 1st of the Summit year.  Youth that turn 12 after January 1st of the Summit year may participate as a Summit Attendee (knight or handmaiden) and apply as a Youth Leader the following year.

Summit Attendees

Children must be 8 and no older than 12* by the first day of the current year's Summit Event in order to participate as a Summit Attendee (knight or handmaiden).

* We acknowledge that for some 12 year olds there is a period of overlap for those who turn 12 by Jan 1st and who are both old enough to be a Youth Leader and young enough to be a Summit Attendee.  We look to parents to gauge whether their child is ready for a more involved and demanding role as a Youth Leader or if they would do better with one more year of being led as a Summit Attendee.