Adult Volunteers 2021

This page is for all adult volunteer positions EXCEPT Villain.  To volunteer as a Villain, see our Join the Final Battle page. (Adults and youth 13+ may volunteer as Villains.)


Be a Hero! Volunteer for Hero Quest and Summit


We are seeking adult volunteers (18+) who are passionate about helping and mentoring both our young attendees at Summit and our Youth Leaders at Hero Quest. We have many roles from helping with Equipment, Registration, Mentors, and many other exciting and fun service roles. Volunteering is a rewarding experience many of our volunteers return year after year! 

To sign up, fill out the form below. For more information, see our Volunteer FAQs  and Volunteer Roles below the form. If you have additional questions about volunteering with us, please contact our volunteer coordinator through email at 

Volunteer Q&A

  • Are volunteers the same as villains? No. Please visit the Join the Final Battle page for information about villains.
  • How old do I need to be to volunteer? Volunteers need to be 18 or older. (Youth may volunteer as Villains. Please visit Join the Final Battle for information. )
  • Do I need to attend a training? What are the dates and times of trainings for volunteers? Where is training held?
    • If you are volunteering for Hero Quest, you'll need to attend one of the Adult Hero Quest Trainings on July 11th or August 21st.
    • If you are volunteering for Heroic Youth Summit, you need to attend one of the General Trainings for everyone on July 10th or July 31st.
    • If you are volunteering for both, you will need to attend one of the Adult Hero Quest Trainings and one of the General Summit Trainings.
    • Details about and locations for all trainings can be found on our Events page.
  • When do volunteers need to arrive at Hero Quest and Summit?
    • Volunteers arrive at 8 am each day unless your role does not require you to attend the event in person (only a few roles apply) or the volunteer coordinator makes other arrangements with you
    • Check-in volunteers arrive by 7:45 am each day unless the volunteer coordinator makes other arrangements with you

Some of Our Volunteer Roles



Photographers - need to take pictures on a camera (think a little higher resolution than photos on a phone)
Videographers - need to be able to record in 1080HD


Adult women who attend all day on Friday and Saturday. Responsible for supervising the 8-12-year-old boys/girls and will do some teaching. Will need to provide some games and snacks. Costume dress and belt provided.


Adult men who attend all day on Friday and Saturday. Responsible for supervising the 8-12-year-old boys/girls, assisting the Master Knights and Princesses, and will do some teaching and running simple activities. Help with set-up and take-down of camps/kingdoms. Costume tabard provided. Please add to your costume as possible - costume ideas here.

Check-In/Information Table

Help Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday morning to get all volunteers, youth leaders, and attendees checked in. At least one volunteer needs to be at the information table all day each day to provide supplies to other volunteers and help direct or answer questions. No costume needed but always encouraged.


Help with Wednesday evening set-up and Saturday evening take-down of major equipment, including unpacking and packing the trucks.

Equipment Crew

There’s tired, and then there’s Summit-tired! Join the crew behind the scenes and help make the magic happen! The equipment crew stages all the various equipment required to put on this amazing event and helps with all things logistics throughout the day each day.


Pre-Summit help with constructing weapons and shields. Limited space available. Please contact the volunteer coordinator and you will be connected directly with King Richard or our Logistics Chair, Dayne Graves. We have lots of fun! There are occasionally also a small number of costumed armory roles needed at the event.


Contribute sewing skills to aid our costumer in creating and repairing costumes and some fabric decorations for the event; assist with washing costumes after the event. Most work is done beforehand. We also need at least two people all day each day of the event who can assist with checking costumes in and out to volunteers.

Medical Support

Trained and licensed EMT, RN, APRN, PA, or MD, 21 years-old or older, available to help with first-aid and any emergencies that may arise during the event under the direction of our Medical Director. Contact the volunteer coordinator with your availability so shifts can be established.

Learn more and see us in action in this video!