2020 Summit Year Events


2020 Summit Year FAQs

Q: What is the plan for this year?

A: This year will be as exciting as we can possibly make it!  We are having a virtual event! Of course, we want to meet in person, but we need to stay within the current social distancing guidelines. The good news is that, if restrictions are lifted, we have plans to add in-person events as well! But even if we can’t meet in person, we are still so excited about what we have planned! Houses and individuals will be involved in a plot in which you will be receiving clues and “artifacts” by mail (or local drop off/TBA).

This simulation/story-line will go throughout the summer! Youth will be sorted into small groups (Houses). Each House will be led by a Master Knight and Princess (experienced youth leaders), as well as adult mentors who will support them and guide them throughout their experience. Youth will learn about our theme, wisdom, in a very fun way. It’s even possible to involve younger siblings in their experiences.

Youth leaders will also participate in Every Day Warrior Journey, a personal mastery program where goals are created and accomplished, a little at a time. Tools and resources will be provided at the beginning and along the way. If no live events are permitted by the end of summer, then we will mail awards for those who complete their Everyday Warrior Journey and wrap up our plot and House meetings virtually.

This will definitely be a very different year, but we are so excited to learn wisdom through it all! If enough restrictions are lifted, we will plan on having in-person events too, including smaller gatherings, and hopefully a big gathering at the end, as well as a Royal Ball. 


Q: What is the cost?

A: The cost of participating in Heroic Youth this year is $90.


Q: What will the $90 registration fee be used for?

A: Heroic Youth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All income received goes directly to the Heroic Youth programs. Specifically, we use these funds for administrative purposes (websites, equipment, storage, insurance) and paying for materials that go directly to the youth. Heroic Youth is a 100% volunteer organization so you can trust that your registration fees are going directly to benefit you and the other participants. This year, the $90 registration fee will be used to cover operational expenses and materials provided to the youth for the 2020 program experience (T-shirts, trading cards, simulation artifacts, mail costs, Everyday Warrior Journey materials, and awards). If we are able to add the extra park day or a Royal Ball, those costs will be paid for out of the Heroic Youth savings.


Q: Is the theme still wisdom?

A: Yes, now more than ever!


Q: Will there be anything for the 8 to 12-year-olds? 

A: If restrictions are lifted with enough time to prepare something, we will have a Kingdom Day. This will be a partial day at the park where families may come and stay with all of their children of any age. Families will be placed into a House/Kingdom where they will enjoy fun Summit-like activities. There will be a small fee for families to help us cover the cost of park rental and event insurance. Everyone may bring a picnic to enjoy. We will keep you posted!

UPDATE: We will not be able to safely create a Summit event for the 8-12 year old's this year.  Kingdom Day this year will only be for registered Youth Leaders.


Q: If there is a Kingdom Day, will it be around the same weekend that Summit is usually scheduled?

A: We anticipate that it would still be Saturday, September 5 in American Fork. Hopefully, we can still reserve the park with enough notice if restrictions are lifted.


Q: Will we still have all of the same youth leader positions?

A: You can expect that the same youth leadership structure we have used in the past will be present this year. There will be necessary adjustments based on the number of youth registering, but all the basic positions will still be represented.


Q: What are the dates for the Youth Leader interviews? What is the format for Youth Leader interviews?

A: Youth Leader interviews will occur on April 30, May 1, and May 2. Interviews will occur over a Zoom meeting. Each youth will receive an email with a link to sign up for an interview time. We will send you a link to Zoom. When the youth initially log into the meeting they will be in a Zoom waiting room. A moderator will allow them into the interview when their time comes. Other than the technology, interviews will follow the same format as in the past. If a youth has already registered and paid and has not yet received an email with a link to the interview signup, please email heroicyouthinfo@gmail.com.


Q: What day will Youth Leader assignments be made?

A: Youth can expect to receive their assignments on May 9th.


Q: Will there still be House gatherings?

A: Each youth will be placed in a House with a Master Knight or Princess at the lead, with many other supporting youth leader roles. It is expected that the Master Knights and Princesses over each House will lead their House using a number of tools. Zoom meetings will be encouraged as a way for the House to coordinate their efforts, share their successes, and encourage each other throughout the summer. If restrictions are lifted, Houses may use their own discretion to choose to meet in person.


Q: Will there still be a Royal House?

A: Clayton Nielsen and Emily Stoddard will be filling their role as Royal Master Knight and Crown Princess. Other assignments to the Royal House will be determined based on need.


Q: Will there be opportunities for villains this year? 

A: We hope so but it will not be like the big battles we are used to. We may utilize villains at a youth event, and hopefully at Kingdom day, but on a smaller scale. 


Q: Will there still be options for adult volunteers this year?

A: Yes! Please contact us to volunteer!


Q: If we invite friends from out of state and do end up doing live events, could they still participate remotely or would they have to come here?

A: Our plans remain fluid for the year. Please contact us for individual circumstances.


Q: Is there any possibility that we could do a normal 3-day event in the park this year?

A: No. We would have needed to start planning it before now. 


Q: I’d rather not participate this year after all but I already paid. How do I get my money back? 

A: For those youth who have already registered for the 2020 Heroic Youth year at the original price of $120, we need you to fill out the form you were emailed, stating what you would like to do this year. The form provides three options. 1) Continue participating this year, but request a refund for the extra $30.  2) Continue participating this year and donate the extra $30 to the Heroic Youth scholarship fund which will be used directly to assist others who are unable to afford the cost.  3) Choose to not participate this year and request a full refund. A link to this form was emailed to all those who already registered. Please look for an email from Heroic Youth on Tuesday, April 21st.


Q: Are we still doing trading cards?

A: Yes. We will provide Master Knight and Princess Trading cards to the registered youth leaders. However, we do not anticipate printing extras for sale or for any young knights and handmaidens.


Q: Where can I order my own weapons?

A: For swords and shields, we know of two great suppliers: 

Shielded Empire https://squareup.com/store/shielded-empire

Forged Foam www.forgedfoam.com

Unfortunately, we custom order our bows and arrows from China so those are not available to order.


Q: Will there still be a debrief event?

A: Yes, it may be done virtually, but debriefs are a vital part of the Heroic Youth experience. We hope that as restrictions are lifted, we will be able to meet in person, but we will remain flexible for now.


Q: How is the Everyday Warrior Journey going to work? Are we still doing the orientation video stream?

A: The Heroic Youth website will be updated soon with details regarding how the Everyday Warrior Journey will be implemented this year. You can check here https://heroicyouth.org/pages/everydaywarriorjourney for details.  This link will include updated information as we formalize and adjust the program for 2020.


Q: Are the required events happening during school hours?

A: House gatherings are optional, however, it is expected that youth will not miss too many as that is the core of the simulation this year. Most of these meetings will be held over the summer. House gatherings will be arranged by the Master Knights and Princesses to work best with House members’ schedules.


Q: Will we still be doing trainings?

A: Because we will not be holding events for 8 to 12-year-old attendees this year, we will not have big trainings like we normally do throughout the summer.


Q: What if this is someone's first year as a Master Knight or Princess?

A: This year will not be counted towards the 2 year limit for being a Master Knight or Princess.


Q: Do you have any idea of what next year will look like for Heroic Youth?

A: We plan on Heroic Youth returning to normal next year. Huzzah!