Thank you for your interest in supporting Heroic Youth!  We are a tax exempt non-profit organization that teaches leadership and character development to youth and children, ages 8 to 18.

Our Mission Statement:

Heroic Youth is a training ground to prepare youth to be faithful warriors in God’s army.  Youth become heroes as they engage in servant-leadership, and identify and pursue their God-given individual missions.

In order to fulfill our mission we offer clubs for boys and girls, ages 8-12, as well as our youth leadership program for teens.  Through our clubs, daily Everyday Warrior Journey, trainings, and events, we help our youth to develop positive skills, work and lead in small groups, and give service to others.

Heroic Youth is entirely volunteer run and we have several financial needs that you can help with.  These needs include equipment for our events, professional services such as accounting, web-design, graphics, and other administrative needs, and scholarship funds for those in need.

Your donations go directly to benefit and strengthen these wonderful youth who are striving to become heroes.  You can be the hero they need!

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