Join the Final Battle!

Do you have what it takes to be a Heroic Villain? 

Heroic Youth needs really GOOD people to be really BAD villains! 

Heroic Youth is a non-profit organization that provides an annual youth leadership simulation experience set in the medieval times. Youth of Hero Quest and child attendees of Summit learn to use their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to solve problems together as they face adversity. By strengthening the youth, we are strengthening families, communities, and nations.

Each event culminates in an epic final battle (with foam swords and bows and arrows) between participants and "villains."

The goal of this battle is to give our event attendees an epic WIN. This is an educational event, and it is a time to provide a victory experience for the participants.

How you can help:

- Aug 26, 2021 (3-6pm): We need adult men and women as well as youth 16+ to play the villains and "battle" the youth ages 13-18 at our Hero Quest event.

-Aug 28, 2021 (General villains arrive at 12 noon, Leadership and cast, arrive at 11:00am): We need adult men and women and also youth ages 13+ to play the villains and "battle" with our child attendees of our Summit event (girls and boys 8-12 years old).

All final battle villains must register in advance. No walk-ins will be allowed. Youth villains must attend a training on July 31. (Adult villains are welcome to attend the training, but it isn't required.)

Event and Training details are posted on our Events Calendar.  More details will be emailed after you register.

Adult Final Battle Participants register here.

Youth Final Battle Participants register here.

    Learn more in these videos!