Join the Final Battle!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our events have changed... Please see our FAQ page for details.

Do you have what it takes to be a Heroic Villain? 

Hero Quest and Heroic Youth Summit have changed dramatically this year. We will be inviting both adult men and women and boys and girls (13+) to volunteer as villains. These Heroic Villains will be called on as never before to challenge the Youth Leaders on Thursday's Hero Quest, and the Handmaidens of Christathel and Knights of Terra Libre on Saturday's grand Final Battle.

Because of these unprecedented battle challenges, and the co-ordination of both men and women in battle, we are requiring all youth to attend at least one battle training.

Training date are posted on our Events Calendar.  Youth villains are required to attend the one of the trainings in July or August.


 NOTE: This is not a LARPing, Dagorhir, Battleguard, or Belegarth event. This is NOT a battle event. This is a time to provide a victory experience for the participants of Hero Quest and Heroic Youth Summit.

If you are interested in being a Final Battle Participant you will need to register and attend training.

Adult Final Battle Participants click here.

Youth Final Battle Participants click here.