Be a Hero! Volunteer




Did you know - Heroic Youth events are completely run by volunteers. We rely on hundreds of volunteers that put their heart and soul into what they do.  We believe firmly that each youth has a purpose and value that is God-given. Through our simulations and mentoring we teach how to be strong in moments of doubt, to be masters of self, and to to build up the kingdom of God and to fight the ultimate foe.  Our primary tool in accomplishing these tasks is the outward focus of servant-leadership, aka heroism. 

We need YOU to be our heroes!

Ways you can help:

Youth (ages 13-17):

  • Youth (16-17) can volunteer to be villains in our Hero Quest final battle.
  • Youth (13-17) can volunteer to be villains in our Summit final battle.

Adults (18+):

Adults can volunteer to be villains in our final battles or in many other roles before, during, and after Hero Quest and Summit
For more information and to register: