Villain Sign-ups - Adults

 This sign-up page is for Adult Villains.  For Youth Villains go here!

“This is the best playtime you’ll ever have with your kids!” 

Come make your son's and daughter's dreams of victory come true and win the Cool Mom or Rad Dad of the year award! Both adult men and women are welcome to volunteer.

All final battle participants must register in advance.

No walk-ins will be allowed.

Please read through the below information and register.

NOTE: This is NOT a LARPing or Dagorhir or Belegarth event.  This is NOT a battle event. This IS an EDUCATIONAL SIMULATION, we are there to provide a good experience for the kids.

Time Commitments

We need villains Saturday from 11:00am - 5:00pm to "battle" with our child attendees (8-12 years old girls and boys).   We also need you to challenge our Youth Volunteers (12-18 year old young men and young women) in Epic Battle on Thursday evening (3pm - 6:30pm).

If you are a father or escort for a Handmaiden at Summit on Saturday, there is a red carpet walk and dancing until 6:30 after the final battle.  For Hero Quest villains on Thursday who are interested, villains have been invited to participate in the debrief and feast after the battle.  This will last until about 7:30 or 8pm.


Volunteers agree to the Heroic Youth Event Waiver, and understand that sometimes boo-boos and accidents can happen when mobs of children are battling with foam swords and arrows.