Summit 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our events have changed... Please see our FAQ page for details.

Summit is a little different every year, and we are so excited to share the details about this year with you! This year on September 4th and 5th, Mastering Knighthood and Crowned with Virtue will be combining in an experience like like last year, but even better! We will have the power and energy of Mastering Knighthood, the beauty and strength of Crowned with Virtue but we will be teaching young knights and maidens how they can use their unique gifts, talents, and abilities to work together and problem solve in a way they cannot do alone.



Our youth leader event, Hero Quest, will allow us to focus more time on the youth leaders, our fastest growing group of Heroic Youth participants, while still giving knights and maidens the fun, inspiration, learning, and adventure they desire. The cost for your knight or handmaiden is only $99!





Because of these changes, our youth leaders will be even more united, strong, and prepared to lead and inspire their young charges.




More information will be coming soon as we share insights on the amazing adventure awaiting your son or daughter.


Summit just went to a whole new level (again)!