Heroic Youth COVID-19 Impacts

NOTE: Youth Interviews for 2020 have been completed and assignments have been made. Additional requests for refunds will be offered according to the regular schedule posted here.

This year, with the health impacts and restrictions requested by our local governments we have decided to make extreme changes to the normal Heroic Youth program.  As Heroic Youth is a training ground to prepare youth, we feel the need to focus on the Youth Leader portion of our program this year, even though it will be remotely done.

This means that there will be no in-person 3-day event scheduled like normal.  It also means, as sad as it makes us, that there will be no program this year for our 8-12 year old attendees.

There are some options that may allow us to loosen up the restrictions depending on the government recommendations and the recommendations we get from health professionals.  Additional details can be seen on our FAQ page for this year.