Hero Quest Princess Registration

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These tickets are only for those Youth Leaders (over 12 years old) who have registered, been interviewed, and assigned a leadership position of Master Knight or Princess.  Not the type of Registration you are looking for?  Check here for the other Youth Leader registration types.  For Attendee Summit tickets (age 8-12) go here...

Mark your calendars for another epic Heroic Youth event!

  • A three day simulation – Days 1 will be just for the youth leaders. Days 2 and 3 will combine knights and maidens in another fantastic summit unlike anything other experience you've seen!
  • It will be held at the beautiful American Fork Amphitheater where Heroic Youth Summit and Hero Quest have been held the past many years.
  • Youth leaders will not only get their own simulation, but still get to lead the knights and maidens through their training as they have before.
  • Knights and Maidens will get the benefit of a more united, purposeful group of leaders. They will also experience the power of boys and girls working together in their own unique, yet equally powerful ways.

The unique atmosphere of Summit is in the power of being combined. Boys will still get the physical, active power of sword fighting and adventure in Terra Libre. Girls will still get the beauty, grace, and nurturing strength with bows and arrows in Christhathel. But they will also combine those beautiful environments to enrich and enlarge their experience.

Hero Quest is focused on the Youth, and is specially and prayerfully designed each year to help drive the theme and principles of Heroic Youth in to the lives of out Youth Leaders and Attendees. We are heavy into the planning of this inspired event and know it will be exactly what God wants it to be. We are SO excite to invite you to discover this amazing journey along with us!