Summit 2018 Event Details

For all knights and handmaidens, ages 8-12, this year's summit promises to be our most epic to date! Please make sure to read the information below thoroughly and contact us if you have any questions.

Start Time and Location

Summit will be held Friday August 31st, and Saturday, September 1st, 2018 at the American Fork Amphitheater at 850 E 700 N, American Fork, Utah. This is a two-day event.

For ALL boys and girls ages 8-12, check-in time is 9:30 am both days. We begin at 10:00 am sharp so please be early so your child can be checked in and taken to their camp or kingdom in time to be part of the whole day.

Afternoon Times and Very Important Family Information

Villains for the final battle need to be at the park no later than 2:00 pm Saturday. There will be no walk-on villains this year. All villains must be registered. Youth villains (ages 13-18) must have attended a villain training earlier. You can find all details and register by clicking here. 

In past years, we have set up the final battle with a spectator area, knowing that parents would come and watch. This year, we will be having battles in different areas and no viewing area will be provided. We know this is usually a fun time to come early and watch, but because of the way we are orchestrating the battle(s) this year, we need to make you aware that it may be easier for you to come at pick up time, park your car, and come to the amphitheater or their camp to meet your child at or after closing ceremonies. (We will not be turning anyone away that wants to see the battle or closing ceremonies.)

Please remember that this is simulation for the attendees and do not distract them from the experience they are having by approaching them in their camps or kingdoms or while they are participating in activities. You can add to their experience by dressing up, where possible, by cheering for them at the closing ceremonies. And most importantly, by discussing their experience with them afterward to help cement the lessons they have been learning about virtue and allegiance.

Dads: Please be there at 5:00 on Saturday to escort your lovely daughters out of the throne room and then enjoy about 20 minutes of dancing to help her feel like a real princess! This is a very memorable moment where they have just been crowned. They will cherish this time they have with you! We want every girl to have a dad/father figure to escort her!

The closing ceremonies will end at 6:30 pm, at which point you may stay and mingle for a little bit or take your children home.

NOTE: There is no dinner provided either day. The camp and kingdom leaders are arranging snacks with the families but please send a very generous lunch with your child. Plan on eating directly after the event. 

Packing List and Dress Code

Every handmaiden and every knight needs to be prepared in order to have the best experience possible. We frequently experience all four seasons in one day at this time of year and it is crucial that your child is prepared for heat and for cold. Summit goes on, rain or shine. Please send the following with your child, in a backpack or bag, all items clearly marked with their name:

  • water bottle
  • Sack lunch. Be generous. They will be very hungry.
  • Warm jacket.
  • Rain poncho
  • Good shoes. Even though the girls will be wearing dresses, they need to have shoes they can run and play in the park in. Shoes are required to be worn at all times while on the premises.

Dress Code - girls should wear modest dresses or skirt and blouses. They can be princess-style or simply Sunday style. They want to look and feel beautiful. These dresses will be worn during active play in the park, so please keep that in mind when selecting what they will wear. There shouldn't be any long trains, huge, trailing sleeves, or hoops in the skirt. Layers should be worn underneath the dresses and can be removed if the day is too warm. Keep in mind the rule about shoes. For boys, they can simply wear a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt (remember the layers instructions) and pants. Athletic pants or cotton slacks are better than jeans. No shorts and no inappropriate slogans on shirts.


There are two available parking lots at the Amphitheater. The lower parking lot is available for drop off/pick up only. For all parking longer than 20 minutes, please park in the upper parking lot or on the street to the east of the park (across the street from the temple). Please carpool wherever possible to help us keep parking under control.

Volunteer Times

6:30 AM - HY Board Arrive

7:00 AM - Check-in/Costumes/Equipment/Facilities Teams Arrive

8:00 AM - Cast/Princess/Master Knight/Lords/Ladies/Sergeants/Matrons

8:30 AM - Youth Leader Check in

9:30 AM - Check-in

4:00 PM - Check-out (participant pick-up) and Clean-up, Master Knight/Princess Debrief starts

6:30 AM - HY Board Arrive

7:00 AM - Check-in/Costumes/Equipment/Facilities Teams Arrive

8:00 AM - Cast/Princess/Master Knight

8:30 AM - Youth Leader Check in

9:30 AM - Check-in

1:00 PM - Villain Check-in (Trained youth and any adults)

5:30 PM - Closing Ceremonies

6:30 PM - Handmaiden Procession and Dancing

7:00 PM - Clean-up and go home, Master Knight/Princess Debrief starts


For volunteer questions, please contact our volunteer coordinator:

Lily Sunshine Herrmann

Cell:  801.318.7762

Skype:  lily_herrmann


Thank you for allowing us this wonderful time with your children. They are the heroes of tomorrow! Huzzah!