Mastering Knighthood Clubs

Great news! The new Mastering Knighthood Club Curriculum is now available!

What are Mastering Knighthood Clubs?

Mastering Knighthood clubs are designed for boys ages 8-12 to form bonds of friendship as they study great heroes. Each club is run by mentors who lead the knights in the following endeavors:

  • Reading and discussing books about great heroes
  • Learning public speaking through presentations to the clubs
  • Planning and leading activities
  • Learning the basics of commonplace books
  • Being inspired by hero visits and field trips

Our club curriculums are designed around a central theme for each year. The knights then learn how the Seven Standards of Terra Libre relate to the year’s theme through the study of great heroes, past and present.

The format and content for the Mastering Knighthood Clubs will work well in settings such as mom-schools, commonwealths, co-ops, and even individual families.

What is included in the curriculum?

When you purchase the Mastering Knighthood Curriculum for the year you will receive:

  • An up-to-date handbook that will teach you all the hows/whens/whys of running a club. This includes ideas for budgeting, organization, mentoring tips, sample schedules for either bi-weekly or weekly meetings, and much more.
  • Printable full-color posters of The Seven Standards of Terra Libre, The Hero’s Creed, and Knighting Certificate.
  • The sheet music and audio accompaniment file for the Mastering Knighthood Theme Song, I Will Fight For The Right.
  • The curriculum packet that has been individually designed for the 2018-2019 school year. This packet includes all of the whats/whos of the year. With book recommendations (usually several ideas for each hero), activity ideas and links, as well as ideas for field trips and hero visits.
  • An opportunity for a one-on-one phone training with Queen Emily to help you get started.
  • Your name and club information added to our database so we can refer possible new members to you.
  • Membership in our exclusive email and Facebook groups where you can share ideas and resources with other Mastering Knighthood and Crowned With Virtue Club mentors.

How do I get started?

It’s easy to begin the process of starting a Mastering Knighthood Club. Simply follow the steps below:

1 – purchase the club curriculum by filling out the form below. If this is your first year running a Mastering Knighthood Club the purchase price is $75. For returning clubs (have purchased curriculum at least one year previously) the cost is only $50.

2 – Download and print your documents.

3 – Read through your documents to familiarize yourself and prepare a list of questions.

4 – email Queen Emily at to set up your one-on-one phone training.

Once your training is complete you will be ready to start your club by gathering other mentors and young knights to participate in your adventure. Each year you will purchase the new curriculum at a discounted rate of $50 for the year and receive all the updated information for your next quest for virtue!