Heroic Youth Kickoff

Parents and youth,
Have you been itching to learn more about this year's Heroic Youth Adventures?   You are in luck -- Heroic Youth Kickoff is fast approaching!!   Be sure to register to individually to attend - adults and youth, and invite your friends!

Heroic Youth Kickoff is
February 4th  6:00 - 9:00 PM
You can find the location on our Events Page.

What is Kickoff?

  •  An event for potential youth leaders and parents to learn more about what this year's activities and theme will be! 
  • There are announcements, fun simulations, and social time.  For adults there will be a brief presentation detailing what Heroic Youth is all about.
  • Make sure you attend this year, as we will be unveiling a NEW Youth Leader position and talking about how this will change Noble Houses!
  • Check-in begins at 5:30pm. Please come early to check-in. There will be no opportunities for sword-play or fighting, so please leave weapons at home for this event.

Youth Attendance Policy

Youth can apply for, and be assigned to, youth leadership positions so long as they are a min of 12 years old and a max of 18 years old on Jan 1.  Please review the Heroic Youth Code of Conduct.