Everyday Warrior for Adults

This information is still being updated for 2019...  come back soon to get an update!

Heroic Youth is a training ground to prepare youth to be faithful warriors in God’s army. Youth become HEROES as they engage in servant leadership, and identify and pursue their God-given individual missions.


We are happy to include our amazing and dedicated adults in the Everyday Warrior Project. We want you to remember, as you ponder whether or not to participate in this program:

What is the Everyday Warrior Project? This is our new system for incorporating the Hero’s Creed into everyday life. We accomplish this by setting one goal in 5 different areas- Family, Congregation, Community, Education and Faith. These goals can be a part of programs you are already participating in. For further details on the Everyday Warrior Project, please read through the Everyday Warrior Project Manual we created for the youth. This gives an overview of the project and examples of how to set goals and integrate the Hero’s Creed mindset into your goals. It also includes tracking calendars. Access this manual on this page...

Our adult accountability structure will be a little different from the youth organization. Each adult will sign up on our Google form, providing contact info. We will be dividing individuals into accountability pairs, matching same genders. You will receive contact information for your accountability partner and it will be your responsibility to contact that individual and set up a plan for regular contact with each other.

We recommend getting know each other with an initial phone call or meeting. Talk about your goals and the purpose behind them and set up an accountability system. To successfully create accountability, we recommend checking in with each

Other at least once per week. Setting a specific day of the week will help with follow up. Another option is to check in once per day with each other, reporting on how you did with your goals for that day. Choose a system that works for both of you.

Any adult with youth or children participating in Hero Quest (parents or siblings of these youth or children) is eligible to participate. Also, any adult that will be volunteering at our event, whether or not they have attending youth or children, is also eligible to participate.

            Please click on this link to fill out the form for participation in the adult Everyday Warrior Project.

The deadline for signing up this year is April 14, 2018.

We will send out assignments the following week by Saturday, April 21, 2018.